In the spring of 2022, Adada invited photographer Julien Magre (Niépce Gens d’Images 2022 award) to take a series of photographs with Adada’s soft toys. The photographer, known for his work which beautifully combines the poetic and intimate, captures tender fragments of his own life. He made the most of a summer vacation with his family to take some candid shots of his son Paul, accompanied by Piotr and Scott. The Adada stuffed animals, so naturally and delightfully integrated into the photographer’s family life, inevitably takes us back to our own childhood. Because we like to portray compelling images with a soul that speak to both the young and the old, we regularly invite artists whose work we admire to seek inspiration in our characters; artists who understand the concept of the «teddy» as an object that evokes happy and comforting memories.