Made in France loveys and stuffed animals are the result of a unique craftsmanship and a centuries-old tradition. At Adada, our loveys and stuffed animals are made with high-quality materials, sourced from eco-responsible and environmentally friendly supply chains. We take great pride in offering durable and safe products for children, of exceptional quality and with a design that is both unusual and minimalist, perfectly blending into your interior decor. By choosing Made in France loveys and stuffed animals, you support the local economy and contribute to the preservation of French jobs. Local production also helps to reduce the carbon footprint associated with the transportation of goods, thus helping to protect the environment. At Adada, you also choose high-quality loveys and stuffed animals, handcrafted in our workshop located in Brittany, by seamstresses with unique skills using organic materials, safe for little ones.

Made in France Teddies

Adada's Made in France teddy bears stand out for their unique, creative, and minimalist designs. A stuffed animal is generally a small object, easy to handle and to take everywhere. Designed for infants from birth and accompanying them during their early years, teddies primarily serve to provide comfort and security for children. Stuffed animals made in France reflect French artisanal know-how, combining elegance and whimsy for the greatest delight of little ones.

By choosing a teddy bear made in France, you ensure that you are giving your child a high-quality product that complies with European safety standards. At Adada, we are committed to selecting quality raw materials and paying close attention to detail, ensuring the durability and resistance of the lovey against daily wear and tear.

Furthermore, Made in France cuddly toys are subject to strict controls regarding the fabric dye and materials used. They must comply with standards that guarantee the absence of harmful substances and the safety of toys for children. They can thus chew on their stuffed animal without any danger!

At Adada, our products are entirely made in France, in our workshop located in Brittany. Each lovey and stuffed animal is handcrafted by passionate seamstresses with unique skills. We use organic cotton dyed and woven in France, which is environmentally friendly and safe for your children's health.

Our collection of teddies made in France

Made in France Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are unforgettable companions for children and even some adults. They are usually larger and often represent animals or characters. They are designed for children from a certain age when their fine motor skills are more developed. Stuffed animals are not only cuddly friends but also playful elements that stimulate imagination and play. Buying a stuffed animal made in France is a choice that reflects a commitment to quality, respect for the environment, and support for the local economy.

At Adada, each step of the stuffed animal production process is carried out with care, from fabric selection, color, sewing, stuffing, to finishing. Our seamstresses master embroidery and knitting techniques to ensure a high-quality finish. Thus, Made in France stuffed animals are renowned for their superior quality.

Indeed, at Adada, we carefully select the raw materials used to manufacture our stuffed animals and pay particular attention to the details and finishing of our products. This not only ensures an aesthetically appealing appearance but also increased durability. Our stuffed animal collection consists of 7 characters! Each has a story and a design that is both complex and minimalist. Our stuffed animals are made in our French workshop, located in Brittany, with organic cotton dyed and woven in France as well.