Stuffed Animal Manufacturer in France: Spotlight on Adada

Stuffed animals and comforters hold a special place in the hearts of children and families. More than just a toy, they often become a child's first friend, the silent confidant of little ones. In an increasingly aware world of the importance of sustainability and quality, choosing an eco-friendly stuffed animal manufacturer becomes crucial.

Adada: A French Manufacturer at the heart of Brittany

Born from our passion for craftsmanship and the desire to offer quality products, we are proud to be a French manufacturer with our workshop located in Brittany. Our mission? To offer high-end comforters and stuffed animals, crafted with love and expertise.

A fundamental pillar of our philosophy at Adada is to actively contribute to the prosperity of our region and job preservation in France. By choosing to keep our workshop in Brittany, we are not only making a strategic decision, but also a decision of the heart. Each stuffed animal crafted reflects a local value chain, from the choice of raw materials to the final sale. By prioritizing local suppliers and employing craftsmen from the region, we play a part in stimulating the local economy and preserving jobs. It's our way of giving back to the community that watched us grow and to ensure that every purchase from Adada supports passionate families and craftsmen in Brittany.

Our French Craftsmanship

Each Adada stuffed animal is the result of meticulous handwork by our passionate craftswomen. As a committed manufacturer, we choose organic cotton, knitted and dyed in France, underscoring our commitment to quality and eco-responsibility. Furthermore, compliance with CE (Europe) and CPSIA (USA) standards and tests carried out in France ensure the safety and durability of each product. Our comforters and stuffed animals are free of plastics and chemicals, making them suitable for newborns!

Quality Products for Children and Interiors

At Adada, we create more than just toys; we design unique pieces that blend harmoniously into any interior. The somewhat atypical yet minimalist design of our products, combined with the softness of organic cotton, make them as aesthetic as they are functional. From Jermaine the bear to Scott the dachshund, our collection is filled with treasures that will delight both young and old. Each model is designed to be cute, soft, and durable.

Adada Serving Businesses

Beyond our collection, we put our expertise and workshop at the service of businesses. We assist our partners in designing their custom stuffed animal, mascot, or comforter. Whether it's to materialize an idea, develop a prototype, or choose the best materials and colors, we support business partners at every step of their projects.


In a world where quality and eco-responsibility have become essential criteria for choice, supporting French manufacturers like us, Adada, is more than just a purchase, it's a commitment. Thus, we invite you to discover our creations or, if you are a business, to consider a collaboration to bring your ideas to life.