Cuddly animals, handmade in France from 100% organic cotton

Discover our top-of-the-range teddies and stuffed animals handmade from start to finish in a workshop in Brittany using organic cotton, certified OEKO-TEX 100, that has been knitted and dyed in France. These beautifully endearing stuffed animals are all designed by the interior designer Véronique Lacaze. An Adada teddy leaves you safe in the knowledge that you are gifting an ethically responsible product that respects all safety standards for both babies and children.
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Behind the scenes of our stuffed animal production

Local skilled know-how

Each individual teddy is brought to life by the care of a single, skilled seamstress ensuring that each piece is unique with its own special soul. Not only is our entire range handmade in Brittany but all the fabrics used are dyed and knitted in France making Adada the only cuddly toys “100% Made in France!”
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Stuffed animals with a tale to tell

There is a story behind each Adada animal that gives them their unique, fun character . Take Jermaine for example, a bear who growls in fifteen different languages and dreams of travelling, or Hector, known as "Totor", the rat from Paris who will protect his friends from everything! Our stuffed animals are comforting, familiar characters who will soon become inseparable companions for your children’s adventures.
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In the spring of 2022, Adada invited photographer Julien Magre (Niépce Gens d’Images 2022 award) to take a series of photographs with Adada’s soft toys.