Our stuffed animals

Scott, le teckel - grand - ADADA Tabac Sans écharpe

Scott, the dachshund - large

Jermaine, l’ourson - petit - ADADA SableJermaine, l’ourson - Taille M - 33 cm - ADADA Orange

Jermaine, the bear - small

Hector, le rat - grand - ADADA Gris Clair Sans VêtementHector, le rat - Grand - ADADA Gris Clair Avec Marinière

Hector, the rat - large

Helmut, le cochon - grand - ADADA Beige rose Sans pantalonHelmut, le cochon - petit - ADADA Beige rose

Helmut, the pig - large

Piotr, the wolf - largePiotr, le loup - Grand - Soldes - ADADA Taupe

Piotr, the wolf - large

Gisel, la chatte - grand - ADADA Sable Sans

Gisel, the cat - large



Dress them, play with them, cuddle them, hold them tight! Your favorite stuffed animals for young and old!

Our birdies

Gabi, le canari - ADADA OrangeGabi, le canari - ADADA Orange

Gabi, the canary

François, le coq - ADADA Aux couleurs de la FranceFrançois, le coq - ADADA Aux couleurs de la France

François, the rooster - Vive la France

Jacques, the sparrowJacques, the sparrow

Jacques, the sparrow

Josette, the seagullJosette, the seagull

Josette, the seagull

Pierre, le petit merle - ADADA NoirPierre, le petit merle - ADADA Noir

Pierre, the little blackbird

Marcel, the pigeonMarcel, the pigeon

Marcel, the pigeon


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