The wolf stuffed animal by Adada

With this endearing stuffed animal, children will no longer be afraid of wolves! Piotr is a greedy vegan wolf with a big round belly full of tenderness and comfort. Toddlers will love to hear his story and make this wolf their best friend, a friend for life that they can cuddle as much as they want.
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A 100% Made in France stuffed animal

It is in our workshop located near Rennes that our seamstresses bring this character to life thanks to their painstaking attention to detail and use of traditional expertise and locally knitted and dyed fabrics. This cuddly plush toy, which can be dressed in an elegant white sweater, is stamped with the passion of its seamstresses.
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The story of Piotr, the tender and dreamily wolf

People think Piotr is Polish. No one actually really knows where he was born. He says he got lost from his pack and that after endless long walks and days in the northern forests, he arrived in the Alps. Piotr is vegan and very gluttonous too. He spends his time eating fruit! Just like all wolves, Piotr is very sociable. But here in the Alps, he hasn’t managed to make any wolf friends. He sometimes meets wild boars, squirrels and rabbits, but nothing ever serious. One day, he was told that children were great companions. So sometimes, at night, he approaches houses in the cities to observe the children sleeping in their cosy beds. When it’s his turn to go into his den to sleep, he dreams of having a child friend for life. A child to whom he could give big licks on their cheeks, and one that would caress and kiss him tenderly on his snout...
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A stuffed animal for all ages

And whilst the children take great pleasure in sniffing, chewing, cuddling, the adults will be delighted with the originality of its design and the way it enhances their home. Piotr the Wolf is an object of affection for some, and a unique decorative object for others.
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A wolf stuffed animal with a minimalist design

The design of Piotr the Wolf being both minimalist and elegant, will only serve to enhance your interior. Able to sit upright by himself, Piotr will be equally at home sitting in a child's bedroom or on a shelf in your living room.
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