The dog stuffed animal by Adada

What better than a cuddly stuffed dog to become a child's best friend? With his big floppy ears and overflowing kindness, Scott the Dachshund is an endearing and comforting teddy. A faithful companion that children will want to hug, cuddle and take everywhere with them.
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A stuffed animal made in France

Entirely handmade in our workshop in Brittany, with French Oeko-Tex fabrics, this stuffed plush dog and its lovey version convey the right values to your child and reassure parents, by favoring ethical, responsible and local manufacturing.
Discover Scott, the dachshund

The story of Scott, the confident and teasing dachshund

Scott was born in London into a middle-class household. He loves taking walks in Hyde Park, which he finds quiet and restful. His favourite activity is to annoy the foxes that are still numerous in the city. Scott is kind, but rather untamed. He doesn’t like strangers who come to his house with empty pockets. So, he bites them strongly on their calves. Grown-ups who come with colourful sweets, however, are always very welcome! Scott trembles a lot. All the time in fact. No one really knows why. Only hugs and cuddles from children calm his shaking.
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A stuffed dog for all ages

Scott the Dachshund is an object that will delight both children and adults. The first will find themselves in privileged company with a promise of adventures and memories for life, while the second will see in him a singular and elegant piece for their home.
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A chic and pure design

With its sleek, chic and enigmatic design, complemented by a pretty scarf in two design options, this stuffed dog will fit harmoniously into your home. Don't hesitate to place him on your shelf near the candy jars, he will love it!
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