The story of Jermaine, the travelling and protective teddy

Jermaine was born in the Grunewald forest in Berlin. His father, a tall, handsome, American grizzly bear, went back to America shortly after his birth. Jermaine lives peacefully in the forest with his mother. He is calm and thoughtful. He loves to drink a good apple juice and to party with his friends. With his extraordinary sense of smell, it is he who warns them of any approaching danger. When he’s displeased, Jermaine grumbles in all languages. In fact, since birth, he has been able to growl in fifteen different languages. Being famous for this incredible talent, children from all over the world come to visit and listen to his stories. Today, Jermaine dreams of travelling and of one day becoming the ambassador for all the world’s teddy bears.
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The teddy bear by Adada

The teddy bear, for many the symbol of childhood, remains the most popular and most traditional of cuddly animals. Adada revisits this classic with tenderness and presents us with Jermaine the Bear. Like other teddy bears before him, Jermaine is a soft and comforting companion that children will keep for life.
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Our teddy bear, handmade from high-quality materials

Our hand-sewn and hand-embroidered Adada teddy bear is made from carefully knitted and dyed fabrics. Designed to be completely safe, he can be sniffed, suckled and cuddled without any danger to toddlers. Also available as a lovey, it promises unforgettable moments of tenderness.

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For children and adults alike

This teddy bear will delight children and adults alike. Bringer of softness and tenderness for the smallest of children, Jermaine will also enhance any adult space thanks to its elegant design. Something for everyone!
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A minimalist and chic design

Indeed, Véronique Lacaze, the creator behind Adada and an interior designer by training, purposefully imagined a minimalist, chic design that would not look out of place anywhere in the home. Sitting on a shelf in your living room or child’s bedroom, Jermaine the Bear will bring a touch of warmth wherever you put him.
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