The pig stuffed animal by Adada

A mischievous pig who likes to annoy grown-ups, meet this most surprising of stuffed animals! Helmut the Pig is the perfect companion for all your children’s adventures. With him they will create and share amusing stories that will be remembered forever. He is stuffed full of character and is soft, reassuring and funny all at the same time.
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A stuffed animal made in France

100% Made in France. This cuddly plush pig came to life thanks to the nimble fingers of our passionate craftswomen in the heart of the Adada workshop located in France using locally produced and sourced fabrics and yarns. To ensure complete peace of mind with regards safety, the quality of the materials used is as important as the design of the characters themselves.
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The story of Helmut, the clever and mischievous pig

Helmut was born in Oppennau, a charming village situated in the Bavarian mountains. Contrary to what one might think, Helmut is elegant… and very clean. Every day he maintains himself and his domain for hours on end. Despite his stubborn air, Helmut is extremely clever. He can also be quite deceitful. For example, he loves to push big stones discreetly down the hill, which tumble down hitting hard the shins of hikers trekking by. As no adult would ever contemplate in suspecting a pig of such treachery, he never gets caught. Therefore, playing tricks on adults has become his favourite activity. And of course, this greatly amuses all the children in the village!
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A gift for everyone

Helmut is a gift that will please both children and parents. Parents will be delighted to see the comforting tenderness that this stuffed plush pig gives to their children, whilst appreciating its shapely design that fits elegantly into their home.
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A chic and minimalist design

With its chic and minimalist design, Helmut the Pig will be perfectly at home in your living room left wherever your child dropped it, or perched nicely on a pile of books. Véronique Lacaze, Adada's creator and interior designer, designed each cuddly animal so that it fits harmoniously into the world of both children and adults alike.
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