The story of Gisel, the shy and curious cat!

Was born in Lisbon, under a beautiful bougainvillea in a pretty garden located at the foot of St. George’s Castle. When Gisel was born, she had her eyes wide open and they remained so even whilst she was asleep. It is thought that this was due to her curiosity. Gisel wants to see everything, to know everything, and not to miss out on anything. Very early on, she left her garden to discover incredible new places, charming boutiques, extraordinary ice-cream parlours, exceptional confectioners, and unparalleled fishmongers. Gisel is very coquettish. Above all, she loves liberty dresses because it reminds her of her flowery garden...She adores her life, which she considers to be a constant treasure hunt. One day, whilst she was resting on a low brick wall, a little girl surprised her by caressing her.Her eyes closed with pleasure... Since then, even if Gisel still runs around everywhere with her eyes wide open, her greatest pleasure is to be caressed by a child.
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Gisel, la chatte - Taille L - 44 cm - ADADA Bleu nuit Sans Robe

The perfect gift

This cuddly toy is an ideal gift for children and adults alike; as an object of comfort and tenderness for little ones and as an object of beauty for adults.
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The stuffed cat by Adada

What could be nicer than the cuddliest of animals, a cuddly cat? With her big inquisitive eyes and her pretty flowery dresses, Gisel the Cat is a cuddly toy full of personality and softness. A faithful friend who will accompany your child for life creating shared memories and exciting stories.
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Gisel cat adada stuffed animal

Our plush toy cat Gisel, handmade from high-quality materials

Gisel the stuffed animal cat is the work of expert and passionate hands, the result of meticulous traditional craftsmanship. Made in our workshops, each cuddly toy - and its lovey version for the little ones - bears the imprint and pride of its creator.

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A pure and simplistic design

Pure and simplistic, Gisel the cat has been designed as an elegant piece that will bring a touch of softness and style to your home. Perfectly suited for any child's bedroom or adult living space.
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