Jermaine, the bear

Jermaine was born in the Grunewald forest in Berlin. His father, a tall, handsome, American grizzly bear, went back to America shortly after his birth. Jermaine lives peacefully in the forest with his mother. He is calm and thoughtful. He loves to drink a good apple juice and to party with his friends. With his extraordinary sense of smell, it is he who warns them of any approaching danger. When he’s displeased, Jermaine grumbles in all languages. In fact, since birth, he has been able to growl in fifteen different languages. Being famous for this incredible talent, children from all over the world come to visit and listen to his stories. Today, Jermaine dreams of travelling and of one day becoming the ambassador for all the world’s teddy bears.
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Hector is the perfect companion. He was born on the Faubourg-Saint-Denis street in Paris. He had to learn to take care of himself from an early age, because his mother left one day never to return. Hector, also known as Totor by his friends, is very kind and very affectionate. He always tries to show off and moans a lot. He is talkative, likes to debate, and to tell funny stories. He enjoys whistling and speaks only in Parisian slang. He smokes twigs without ever coughing. He always protects his friends from the grown-ups who bother them. One day, while he was fighting with a bully to defend his friend, he lost an ear. His friends all joined together to buy him a new one. That’s why he has a glow-in-the-dark ear.
See Hector, the rat "Totor"
Gisel the cat stuffed animal

Gisel, the cat

Was born in Lisbon, under a beautiful bougainvillea in a pretty garden located at the foot of St. George’s Castle. When Gisel was born, she had her eyes wide open and they remained so even whilst she was asleep. It is thought that this was due to her curiosity. Gisel wants to see everything, to know everything, and not to miss out on anything. Very early on, she left her garden to discover incredible new places, charming boutiques, extraordinary ice-cream parlours, exceptional confectioners, and unparalleled fishmongers. Gisel is very coquettish. Above all, she loves liberty dresses because it reminds her of her flowery garden...She adores her life, which she considers to be a constant treasure hunt. One day, whilst she was resting on a low brick wall, a little girl surprised her by caressing her.Her eyes closed with pleasure... Since then, even if Gisel still runs around everywhere with her eyes wide open, her greatest pleasure is to be caressed by a child.
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Helmut, the pig

Helmut was born in Oppennau, a charming village situated in the Bavarian mountains. Contrary to what one might think, Helmut is elegant… and very clean. Every day he maintains himself and his domain for hours on end. Despite his stubborn air, Helmut is extremely clever. He can also be quite deceitful. For example, he loves to push big stones discreetly down the hill, which tumble down hitting hard the shins of hikers trekking by. As no adult would ever contemplate in suspecting a pig of such treachery, he never gets caught. Therefore, playing tricks on adults has become his favourite activity. And of course, this greatly amuses all the children in the village!
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Piotr, the wolf

People think Piotr is Polish. No one actually really knows where he was born. He says he got lost from his pack and that after endless long walks and days in the northern forests, he arrived in the Alps. Piotr is vegan and very gluttonous too. He spends his time eating fruit! Just like all wolves, Piotr is very sociable. But here in the Alps, he hasn’t managed to make any wolf friends. He sometimes meets wild boars, squirrels and rabbits, but nothing ever serious. One day, he was told that children were great companions. So sometimes, at night, he approaches houses in the cities to observe the children sleeping in their cosy beds. When it’s his turn to go into his den to sleep, he dreams of having a child friend for life. A child to whom he could give big licks on their cheeks, and one that would caress and kiss him tenderly on his snout...
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Scott, the dachshund

Scott was born in London into a middle-class household. He loves taking walks in Hyde Park, which he finds quiet and restful. His favourite activity is to annoy the foxes that are still numerous in the city. Scott is kind, but rather untamed. He doesn’t like strangers who come to his house with empty pockets. So, he bites them strongly on their calves. Grown-ups who come with colourful sweets, however, are always very welcome! Scott trembles a lot. All the time in fact. No one really knows why. Only hugs and cuddles from children calm his shaking.
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Arthus, the fox

Arthus is from Brittany. He loves his land, in which every day he digs around in the green countryside, exploring right the way down to the often-choppy sea.We can see him running from one place to another, constantly on the look-out, stopping, then leaving...Arthus has always searched, he searches without ever stopping, and in the evening, tired from his quest, sits down in front of the sea, which he adores and which revitalises him. Arthus doesn’t really know what he is looking for, but he tells himself that if he doesn’t look then he will never find. This obstinate roaming however, allows him to discover fantastically wild landscapes, meet other animals, not necessarily of his kind, but very friendly nevertheless. Whilst he was crossing a rich meadow, his run was disturbed by the sight of a child walking along a path eating a delicious pancake. He couldn’t help but approach. The child was so happy about Arthus’ visit that he shared his pancake with him. For the first time, Arthus felt peace. He no longer had the feeling that he needed to search. He had found a child friend.
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