4 good reasons why adults should have soft toys too!

Many believe that cuddly toys are only for children, but if everyone would admit it, adults love soft toys too! In a survey conducted by Metro UK one-third of 2,000 adults surveyed said they still sleep with a teddy bear. Fifteen percent even declared that a cuddly toy was essential for their peaceful sleep. More can not part with their cuddly toy: 44 percent of the participants said that their cuddly toy was well stored in a box in their attic or cellar ... inseperable!

There are many good reasons for keeping a teddy as an adult:

1. Teddies can bring us great security and comfort

As Donald Winicott states soft toys as “comfort objects,” or “transitional objects,” in the development of a child, the same can be adapted to adult life, where plush toys can help us feel a greater sense of security when moving from one life stage to another, or even from one job, partner or location to another.

2. Teddies can help us overcome lonelines

Not only real animals like a cat or dog can give us comfort and company in times of loneliness. To some extend your beloved plush toy can also ease feelings of loneliness and alienation, helping to cope with the at times interconnected and lonely world today.

3. Teddies are therapeutic

Teddies can give instant relief from emotional discomfort. Many studies have shown that a comfort object like a teddy bear increases emotional wellbeing, coping skills, resilience, self-esteem and sleep because the object triggers self-soothing behaviour.

4. Teddies can reduce our stress

You will be surprised to know that cuddling a soft toy is not just good for your mental health, but it is also great for your physical health too. It is because it brings a sense of calm within you and helps you relax. Sleeping with a soft toy is a great idea if you have had a really tough day as it relaxes your body and switches on a a healing process, no matter if it is a physical or mentally issue.

Now who do you choose? Hector, Jermaine, Scott, Piotr, Helmut or Arthus? They are all great in spending comfort and just being there for you!