Which cuddly toy to choose for a baby shower?

A soft, cuddly animal is the ideal gift for a newborn baby. A popular gift with parents, it is also perfectly suited to a baby's well-being. So, if you are thinking about giving a teddy bear or a lovey rest assured, it is an excellent idea! Discover the range of Adada’s stuffed, cuddly animals to choose the right one for you.

Cuddly, stuffed animal, the ideal gift for a newborn baby

A stuffed toy animal has become one of the most popular newborn gifts for a reason. As one of the first toys in a baby's life, it not only represents the first emotional bond between a child and its parents but, used to comfort and pacify during sleep or as a toy, it plays an important role in early-years development. It is an essential newborn gift that should be chosen with care!

What’s more it is often a significant companion until adulthood symbolizing love, comfort and security.

A symbol of love and security

The cuddly toy, a symbol of love and security? For a long time, we considered the stuffed animal as a simple toy intended to entertain the youngest in society. Today, we know them as a symbol of well-being, used by children to reassure themselves in times of adversity and worry. Indeed, it is becoming more and more common for both children and adults alike to own cuddly animals because of the sense of comfort and protection they bring. The cuddly stuffed animal is much more than a cute little animal made of plush; as it becomes impregnated with the essential smells of home, it becomes a reassuring and familiar landmark for a child.

It is particularly during the early years of childhood that the cuddly stuffed animal is important. It represents everything a baby needs: comfort, love and security. It is the essential accessory for a young baby and can act as a kind of safeguard for the parents. Be reassured, a cuddly stuffed animal is the ideal newborn gift that will delight not only the little ones but the older ones too!

Cuddly stuffed animals

Of all the cuddly toys we know, cuddly stuffed animals are among the favorite! The instantly recognisable animal shape brings them to life, giving children a little companion in whom they can confide, play with and share precious moments. They are endearing, non-questioning companions who will help children express their emotions and who will keep them feeling safe whenever their parents are not with them!

At Adada, we have a beautiful collection of stuffed animals and loveys. From the dog to the cat, the pig or the fox, we have over ten plush animals for you to choose from! With their endearing stylish design and cute characterful faces, each animal is brought to life with a tale of its own to tell.

Furthermore, all our stuffed animals are made with the softest of fabrics and are sized for easy handling allowing babies and young children to experiment with their sense of touch.

Focus on design and quality with Adada stuffed cuddly animals

The cuddly toy you choose to celebrate the birth of a baby should be of the highest quality and totally safe to use! Indeed, in the case of a baby shower gift, the toy will be put in the hands of an infant only a few days old.

To make sure that all Adada cuddly animals are 100% safe for babies, each one is certified OEKO TEX 100, which guarantees that all the fabrics used in the production of our range have passed the strictest legal requirements for the health & safety of children and babies alike. What is possibly more important for a newborn gift than the guarantee of safety and quality!

Each of our Adada cuddly toys - a collection of nearly two dozen high quality creations - has a unique and minimalist design. They are endearing, loveable creatures that children can’t help falling in love with. The entire collection is made in France, in our own workshops located in Brittany.

Discover our Adada plush stuffed animal collection here!